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I started my career in the geothermal heating and cooling business under the direction of my father Louis DeMarco, a true pioneer in the geothermal industry. In 1982 DeMarco Energy System patented the concept of using municipal water through a geothermal heat pump to heating and cool homes and commercial businesses. The first patent was received in 1984 and the company then went public and began selling systems tied to potable water mains in South Dakota, Oregon, and Washington State.

After attempting to commercialize the system for over 15 years the company only realized limited success. My Father passed in 1999 and I then started American Geothermal Systems, Inc. 2004 with a new focus on residential and commercial applications using traditional methods of installation, ground loops & lake loops. The company has grown exponentially of the years and is currently doing business in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

I carry Master Mechanical Licenses in Texas, Certified Geothermal Installer by IGSHPA as well as Master Geothermal Driller Certification; I attended Texas Tech University School Business, studies included Geology, Marketing and Finance.

My background of working for my grandfather, who was a water well driller, my education and 25 years of experience in the geothermal business has prepared me well for my career.

We have over 400 system installed in Austin and surrounding areas and have enjoy a great relationship with our clients.

American Geothermal Systems
American Geothermal Systems
American Geothermal Systems
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